It is said that what separates the musician from the mice is melody. Shiverpoint Productions delivers songs that cut to the quick in an honest and powerful way. Songs that are a reflection of our life and times, unique in their presentation, powerful and relevant in content.


Honest music, no loops, no endless samples, no turntables, no snippets of other people's work stitched together. WYSIWYG. Original, definitely different. Music taken out of your face and put back into your heart where it belongs.

The music on this page was written and performed by the artist, Jerry Weston of Urban Artworks. It represents an effort to take the music "out of your face", putting it "back into your heart".

All of this music was recorded at the Urban Artworks studio. More songs will be added as they are completed. You can listen to some sample songs in the playlist at the bottom of the page.

Jerry's music is melodically-based and poignant in style. Jerry is a fine guitarist and spent ten years teaching advanced "fingerstyle" guitar with the Edmonton Continuing Education Department. Some of his former students now have successful careers in music.

Jerry has also spent time writing music for various government training films. He has recorded on numerous albums since the early seventies and has contributed to a number of compilations over the years. He continues to do live performances on a regular basis in the Edmonton area and his work has been reviewed in the Edmonton Journal.
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View the lyrics to Hey!
View the lyrics to Master Race Of Time
More lyrics on the way — stay tuned

All music and images ©2014 Urban Artworks. Content may not be copied, reproduced or redistributed without written consent.

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